Ep 88. tension in your body may be stemming from your emotions w/ Therapist Romi Cumes

“We live in a very cognitive society. We’re cerebral, we talk, but there’s still this approach of thought forward existence versus listening to what our bodies are actually saying.”


Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Romi Cumes, an incredible Somatic therapist based out in Santa Barbara. 

Somatic psychology – what is it you may ask. It is understanding how the body works and what is happening underneath the psyche that’s actually leading to that.

Some of us can have some rigidity and then it manifests in other areas of the body too – tense shoulders for example. With anger, we can start to feel it in the trapezius and in the shoulders, which is really where a lot gets stored. So that’s something to notice. How many of you are listening to what your body is saying to you?

Romi helps individuals get in touch with the lived experience of the body in order to identify, explore, and ultimately transform stuck patterns and energy so they become more capable of living happy, balanced lives.

Romi draws from over twenty years of healing arts experience and spiritual studies. She utilizes various techniques that include mindfulness and sensation-focused awareness. By focusing on body awareness, it helps to ground ourselves during moments of tension and reactivity, regulate the nervous system, and to learn from and heal long-held pain and body armor.

Learn more about Romi at romicumes.com



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