Craving Food Freedom Podcast Ep 77 Is intuitive eating right for you (after years of dieting and bingeing

Ep 77. Is Intuitive Eating right for YOU? (after years of dieting and bingeing)

Take the quiz – Is Intuitive Eating Right for YOU?

One last diet? Or is it time to try something radically different?

Why you’re here – perhaps years of dieting hasn’t worked and you’re tired of having seasons of being on the bandwagon/disciplined and then seasons of going off the rails.

Today’s ep:

  • What is Intuitive Eating –> TLDR venn diagram between LOGIC x EMOTIONS x PHYSICAL CUES
  • We can’t be 100% logical everyday forever because WE ARE NOT ROBOTS
  • Do you trust your hunger/fullness
  • Fear of losing control
  • Is food your answer to every emotion? What do you really need?
  • What beliefs do you hold about your body, where do they come from? 

Remember, the most beautiful and appreciated among us are those who dared to be different and remain true to themselves. They pushed forward until the world recognized what they had to offer.

If you’re ready to release the brainspace that dieting has controlled for so long, I encourage you to stay tuned and join along.



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