Craving Food Freedom Podcast Ep 34 Listen to this in the middle of a binge

Ep 34. Listen to this in the middle of a binge

Trigger warning – don’t listen if you’re in a good place with food

Fall/winter blues have really been taking a toll, can you relate?

Tips for when you’re in the middle of a binge

  • Frequent reminders of “it’s ok” to prevent a guilt spiral
  • When you feel that it’s ok, it’s less all-consuming, which makes MOVING ON easier
  • Perhaps your period is nearing and your body is physiologically needing more energy during this time

The next day, ask yourself

  • How did that serve you?
    • For me it felt comforting BUT I felt heavy/bloated after
  • How do you feel today?
    • Overall it didn’t serve me but it wasn’t detrimental. I woke up today, felt fine, felt hungry at my normal times, and ate normally. My appetite didn’t really change. 

Reflect on what you can do differently today

For me: 

  • Having my hot tea physically closer to me instead of the snacks
  • Lighting a candle to help soothe me and feel more comforted

I’m still going to have my nighttime snack. 

A big reflection from last night: I wasn’t really connected to my body.

Tonight, I will stand up and feel the physical sensations in my body/stomach more. 

Listen to this episode anytime you’re having a tough moment with food to coach yourself through it. 

In summary, the trifecta: 

  1. Were you connected with your body during the binge?
  2. Be nice to yourself and tell yourself it’s ok to prevent the guilt spiral
  3. You can do things differently today 



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