End the diet-binge cycle

Food & body therapy that helps you become a normal eater 

Is Intuitive Eating RIGHT for You?

Goodbye diets and hello food freedom!

Do you feel like you have a toxic relationship with food? Do you want to stop feeling out-of-control? It’s time to reclaim your freedom and start trusting yourself around food again.

I gave up control. I allowed my body to fluctuate. Why would I weigh myself if I want to feel free. Now I feel relaxed. Finally I’m accepting my body.



A podcast about creating a healthier relationship with food. If you’re a millennial looking for some food therapy, I’m here for you. Come with a glass of wine and let’s get to what you’re really hungry for. 

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Think of this as food & body therapy. If you find yourself bingeing, unable to trust yourself around food, or feeling awful about your body, this is for you. Rediscover a healthy relationship with food & body again!

meet the dietitian

Hi, I’m Elise!

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist,

Intuitive Eating Counselor,

Health Coach

I’m a dietitian based in the Silicon Valley, California. I’ve always been in a “situationship” with food (7 years of dieting, bingeing, rinse & repeat). I’ve been in your shoes before! That’s why I founded Craving Food Freedom, to help you end the diet-binge cycle and eat what you want in peace!

Together, we can develop the exact plan you need to find food freedom and start living your life to the fullest. Think food & body therapy with a solid dose of tactical strategy.

Monthly session for Intuitive Eating

I opened a bag of cookies, had a few, then put the rest away. I know I can have more later if I want to. 




Together we will process through your lived experience with both food and body.

intuitive eating

Here, we will focus on the gentle signs of hunger & fullness and how to cope with emotions without food.

Body Image

We will work through your beliefs about your body and cultivate more body acceptance.

why me?

I’ve coached hundreds of clients over the years. I know exactly how to get you to food freedom!