Craving Food Freedom podcast ep 35 I binge when no one is around

Ep 35. “I binge when no one is around”

Trying to stop bingeing is kind of like jet lag

  • Although YOU want to sleep at 10pm, YOUR BODY doesn’t want to 
  • Desire vs body signals are not synced up
  • Stopping the restrict binge/cycle feels impossible in the beginning
  • YOU want to eat more regularly but YOUR BODY is not hungry


You body may be expecting the majority of calories to be eaten later in the day. Plus it’s full from last night’s binge. Do you see how it’s kind of like jet lag?

What you can start doing – bulk up 1 meal at a time. It takes TIME for your body to naturally adjust, sometimes weeks if not months.

What you can do to stop bingeing when you are alone

Can you take yourself out of that environment? Ideas: start a side hustle, paint, something with your HANDS + BRAIN instead of a passive activity like tv.

Try to change up your triggering environment, perhaps go to a cafe or plan on evening hangouts with friends.

When alone, you might be more likely to be checked out and push past physical discomfort than if other people were around.

Don’t feel bad

You’re just trying to cope with emotions in your own way with the resources you have. For now, try to explore ways to diversify your coping portfolio.



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