Joanne Kim, LMFT, is an Enneagram and Brainspotting therapist in Los Gatos, CA

Ep 89. Feeling like people are better than you, kinder, smarter, prettier…

Shame causes us to feel less than, different, not good enough. It causes us to feel one degree of separation from the person we think is better than us in some way (success, money, intelligence, appearance, etc. 

“I am lesser than the other person or other people, and I am on the outside looking in.” – Joanne Kim 

In this ep, I have on Joanne Kim, a therapist-turned Feelings Translator who helps Highly Sensitive Persons turn their BIGGEST feelings into their GREATEST superpower! The people who work with her are often the first (or only) person in their family or communities to intuitively process and express feelings; consequently, they are often judged or criticized so that they learn to people-please, placate, or perform until they hit a wall. When Joanne shares about her approach to working with feelings, the #1 response she gets is,  “Why didn’t they teach me this in school?!?”  Grab the free guide “The BIG Feeler First Aid Kit” to learn how to navigate your feelings when they show up when you least expect (or want) them! You can find Joanne on Instagram:



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