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Romi Cumes, Somatic Therapy (LMFT, CMT)


Santa Barbara, California

About romi

Romi helps individuals get in touch with the lived experience of the body in order to identify, explore, and ultimately transform stuck patterns and energy so they become more capable of living happy, balanced lives.

Romi draws from over twenty years of healing arts experience and spiritual studies. She utilizes various techniques that include mindfulness and sensation-focused awareness. By focusing on body awareness, it helps to ground ourselves during moments of tension and reactivity, regulate the nervous system, and to learn from and heal long-held pain and body armor.

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Joanne Kim, Enneagram and Brainspotting Therapy (LMFT) 


Los Gatos, California

About Joanne

Joanne helps people grow beyond their reactive patterns that keep them trapped in pain through two approaches: 

(1) The Enneagram reveals what our autopilot patterns are for thinking, feeling, doing, and relating. Which of the nine types are you? That’ll show you the core driver of all your painful patterns that’s getting you into trouble. 

(2) Brainspotting is a trauma therapy approach that helps “massage out” the painful knots as revealed by the Enneagram. It’s a lizard-brain way of processing your feelings and traumas in ways that talk therapy just won’t ever get to it. Deeper, smoother, faster, lasting healing!

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Anny Papatheodorou, Internal Family Systems Therapy (LMFT) 


 San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Walnut Creek and Oakland)

About Anny

Anny helps people who have struggled during their childhoods find peace and fulfillment in their adulthoods. She is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in complex relational trauma (C-PTSD), certified in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, and trained in Brainspotting therapy. Not to mention a fantasy novel nerd, human and dog mother, and feta cheese aficionado.

No story is too insignificant, unimportant, too broken, too late, or not worth telling. Your story matters. It deserves to be told. You matter. You deserve to be heard. I can hold intensity. There’s no such thing as “being too much or too needy.” I will laugh with you. I will curse with you. And welcome all parts of you wholeheartedly.

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Erica Markovitz, Eating Disorder Dietitian (RD, MS)


Los Angeles, California

About Erica

Erica is an anti-diet, trauma-informed dietitian who enjoys exploring eating disorders through a social justice lens. Being trauma-informed allows her to incorporate several unique modalities such as RO-DBT, IFS, and embodiment work. She enjoys getting to know her clients on a human level to remove the clinician, client barrier. It’s time to start resourcing our bodies rather than disconnecting from them. Beautiful things start to happen when we have more clarity and can start practicing nonjudgmental awareness of the things we want to change.

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