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Ep 90. tired of trying to accept your body? same… What’s next

In a world that is so obsessed with being thin, you’re probably exhausted, I’m exhausted. I’m also tired of seeing my patients struggle and I’m exhausted hearing about doctors pushing ozempic/weight loss on my patients. 

For 7-8 years of my 20s my self-worth revolved around my body, food was my obsession. Now that I’m in my early 30s, my obsession has transferred over to career and financial success. Living in a big city (Silicon Valley), it feels like all that matters is your job title, career progression and financial status. It feels like diet culture, trying to be better, do more, like nothing is enough. 

In this ep, I talk about how I feel about my industry, how hopeless it can feel sometimes, and why I’ll be pausing this podcast for now. 

If you want to follow me in this next chapter where I tackle this desire for success to not get left behind financially, then I invite you to…

My new YOUTUBE channel! @elisezliu

What you’ll find on my new Youtube channel: 

Goodbye for now Craving Food Freedom. In the meantime, let’s hangout on youtube if you are on a similar journey 🙂

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