Craving Food Freedom Podcast Ep 36. Eating More Now That The Sun Sets So Early?

Ep 36. Eating more now that the sun sets so early?

Do you find that it gets harder with food when the sun sets so early?

In this podcast episode, I’ll share some tips on how I get through fall/winter and what to do to get through these dark and cold nights.

By the way, this is also my most challenging time of the year, right there with you!

So that’s why I’ve been trying to stay busy at night with activities that use my hands. Baking has been one such activity and it’s has kept me busy and fulfilled. Plus it’s helping me feel more comfortable with baked goods, something I’m still working on!

Normalize winter bods

This is just a personal theory but I’ve always thought that it’s more natural to store fat during cold months so it only makes sense for us to want heavier foods. Our bodies are wanting to cushion us for fall/winter.

I’m totally ok with gaining weight during this time of year #normalizewinterbods

Feeling overwhelmed with so much food in the house?

The holidays usually mark an abundance of treats and celebratory foods. This year, I’ve been experimenting w/ exposure training on myself! –> pumpkin pie, ice cream, sourdough. I encourage you to choose one thing each week (same brand and flavor) and have it everyday when you’re not too hungry just to start getting more comfortable with it.



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