Craving Food Freedom podcast ep 76 Feeling stuck: overeating & not exercising

Ep 76. Feeling stuck: overeating & not exercising

Overwhelmed by the idea of starting a new year and getting back “on track”?

In today’s episode, I talk about why you’re feeling stuck and I have a feeling it has to do with your need to do everything perfectly. Whenever we think about new habits, we have lofty ideas of doing it everyday (i.e. journaling, sleeping earlier, moving daily, eating more veggies, etc). 

BUT are you being realistic and sprinkling in a healthy dose of flexibility? 

Today’s ep:

  • what’s causing you to stay stuck
  • why lofty goals may be causing you to feel overwhelmed
  • how to close the gap between lofty expections and your actual day-to-day life
  • what does CONSISTENTLY SUSTAINABLE look like to you


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