Ep 75 How ketamine can shift how we see our bodies

Ep 75. How Ketamine Therapy can shift the way we see our bodies

Psychedelics can help us remember truths we’ve always known about ourselves.

Jenny Weinar, LCSW

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Jenny Weinar, LCSW onto the podcast!

Jenny is a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist providing ketamine assisted psychotherapy in Philadelphia as well as virtual psychedelic integration therapy in Pennsylvania, Colorado and New Jersey. She weaves Western mental health treatment with the sacredness of psychedelics to help people come home to themselves and remember the truth of who they are.

People logically want to believe that they’re beautiful enough, good enough… but just can’t. 

Sometimes with psychedelics, you get a glimpse of universal love and that is fertile ground for healing. 

Jenny Weinar, LCSW

Get to know Jenny Weiner at homebodytherapy.com



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