Craving Food Freedom Podcast Ep 59 Podcast ep with Beatrice Kamau from The Self Love Fix Podcast

Ep 59. Unconditional Self acceptance x Body Image w/ Beatrice @Theselflovefix

In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of having Beatrice Kamau on! You might know her from The Self Love Fix Podcast.

I first stumbled upon her podcast earlier this year and her content makes you rethink who you are + your relationship with yourself because she will help you embody deep levels of self-trust, acceptance, and worthiness to call in a life you love.

“Unconditional self acceptance, it’s about accepting the parts that you want to hide.”

Beatrice Kamau

We talked:

  • how Beatrice went from registered dietitian to self love coach
  • how to develop unconditional self acceptance
  • accepting the parts you’re trying to hide
  • making friends with the parts you don’t like
  • “what if I don’t like what I look like”, “I’m not enough”… WHAT IS ENOUGH?

Follow Beatrice Kamau on IG @theselflovefix. And if you want more of Beatrice, you can find her podcast The Self Love Fix Podcast on Apple Podcasts and her website.



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