Craving Food Freedom podcast ep 84 "I’m not allowed to be who I am" therapy for immigrants & children of immigrants w/ Anny Papatheodorou

Ep 84. “I’m not allowed to be who I am” therapy for immigrants & children of immigrants w/ Anny Papatheodorou

Are you an immigrant or child of immigrants? If you’ve ever thought “I deserve to be stuck, I’m not allowed to be who I am, I hate my body”, this is the episode for you.

Today I have on Anny who offers therapy to those who have struggled during their childhoods finally find peace and fulfillment in their adulthoods, with a focus on immigrants and children of immigrants. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and online throughout California and her works helps to:

  • Transform one’s relationship to internalized shame, rejection, and criticism
  • Better understand the different parts of yourself

Personal note: the turning point in my relationship with food was when I first started to see a therapist and uncovered the layers of emotions buried deep around my family, and growing up as an immigrant. 

“Befriend the part of you that hates your body”


Sometimes we want to throw away certain parts of ourselves, we let certain parts go into hiding, but in order to feel at peace with ourselves, it’s time to embrace all of the parts within us. So that you don’t feel like running away from yourself and going towards food. 

Find more of Anny through her website here.



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