Craving Food Freedom Podcast episode on if Noom is healthy

Ep 29. Is noom healthy?

Marketing is spot on!

They do such a good job of emphasizing the psychology of eating. People love the coaching/reflection questions that are part of the app. HOWEVER…

Food is categorized as red/orange/green

  • Red – avocados, nuts, dessert, etc
  • Orange – protein, etc
  • Green – fruits, veggies, etc

The colors are based on calorie density however it does not always correlate with the nutrient density of food!

I almost joined a startup similar to Noom   

It was led by a typical millennial/techie here in the Bay Area wanting to optimize his food intake and health. My gut instinct told me NO and for good reason!

Overall Takeaway

Pros: Noom could potentially cultivate mindfulness

Cons: Noom’s colors could potentially warp one’s perception of food and implies good/bad amongst foods.

Trust your own instincts and not an app to guide you!

Get support

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When you do it alone, it prolongs the pain. Getting support fastracks the process of food freedom! Instead of waking up a year later and still having this issue, imagine feeling more at peace 3 months from now and navigating the holidays with ease! 

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