Podcast episode on fear of weight gain with intuitive eating

Ep 28. Scared of weight gain with Intuitive eating?

So many of us are scared of weight gain!

However intuitive eating is all about prioritizing our relationship with food. When you work on healing your relationship with food, there are only 3 things that could happen.

  • Body stays the same
  • Weight goes down
  • Weight goes up

It’s either your mental health or forever chasing body goals

How does your body/weight affect the way you eat? Usually people are most at ease with food when they’re not worried about their bodies. If you had no body, how would you eat/exercise?

If it were me:

  • I would never run again
  • I would ease up on sugar
  • I would think less about each bite of food, less conditional 
  • I would eat for the sake of eating and the experience

When were you most at ease w/ food?

Get support

If you’re feeling stuck and find your feeling awful about your body and food, perhaps it’s time for some extra support. When you do it alone, it prolongs the pain. Getting support fastracks the process! Instead of waking up a year later and still having this issue, imagine feeling more at peace 3 months from now and navigating the holidays with ease! 

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