Podcast episode about falling off the bandwagon, cheat days, binge eating, yoyo dieting.

Ep 27. Are you falling off the bandwagon?

Being on the bandwagon

The essence of “being on the bandwagon” entails numbing your wants, desires, and feelings for an extended period of time. It can sometimes feel like a robotic way of operating.

Being off the bandwagon

“Being off the bandwagon” might coincide with when life gets in the way. Strong emotions, stressors, and anxiety made lead to falling off the bandwagon. In a sense, it means you’re starting to feel and be human again, reconnecting with your bodily signals, desires, wants, needs, emotions!

Why you may be bingeing when you’re off the bandwagon

Being deprived of certain foods can increase the novelty of when you reintroduce back in. Pair that with intense life stressors (which is likely the trigger for falling off in the first place) and voila.

It’s not about the bandwagon

Most of us find food challenging because we don’t know how to sit through and navigate hard emotions. Diets don’t give us the tools to deal with our emotions. It only gives us metrics and numbers, rules for our logical brain to follow, not what our emotions understand.

Get honest with yourself

What do you really want and need. You might initially say ice cream! But look deep down and ask yourself, is that really what you need in the quantities you’re eating them? Is it ultimately serving you?



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