Craving Food Freedom podcast ep 44 Will I Just Keep Gaining Weight As I Eat Intuitively

Ep 44. Will i just keep gaining weight as I eat intuitively

The beginning stages of Intuitive Eating

Where you start eating without reservation, you have a little of this, a little of that…

You begin to eat until you’re full and you’re letting go of the food guilt.  

But then you look in the mirror as you’re putting on your comfy pants and even that looks tight and funny on you so then the PANIC sets in. 

On one hand, you were feeling a level of bliss and effortlessness with food but reality hits and it sends you into a frenzy. 

You think: if continue on like this, am I going to balloon?!

This is your anxious mind talking, living in the the future and fearing the future. The future becomes so scary that all you can think of is another diet but you’ve been there before. 

So you feel stuck. 

I really was thinking about this for a long time myself. If I were in the situation, I would feel helpless and frustrated and afraid. It would make me not trust my body, maybe even scared of it. But then I think, I’ve been in that unknown space before, and my body stabilized.

It took time but the body is such a good reflection of the level of stability within. 

I heard this from a dietitian I respect in the eating disorders field, Marci Evans that you might resonate with:

Part of my job is to help you not live in the fear of the future. Be present, manage the here and now.

There’s not anything we can do 1 month from now but where we have the ability to be impactful is in the here and now.

When your body is meant to, it will stabilize.

Marci Evans RD

What’s going to help you tolerate the unknown?



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