craving food freedom podcast ep 43 struggling with food, work edition

Ep 43. Struggling with food, work edition

When work is triggering binges

How do you feel whenever you’re faced with:

  • an upcoming confrontational convo with your coworker/manager
  • an email containing a new project
  • asking for PTO
  • a ping from someone expecting an update on a project

Any of those things causes me so much anxiety and stress.

Avoiding work with food

In the past I would feel so much distress that I needed to avoid it entirely. And sitting only caused my heart and mind to race even more. So food was something I could actively munch on to take my mind off things. Can you relate?

Tips to manage work stress WITHOUT food

  1. Do the hard things first. Think about the tasks that you dread the most and see what getting them out of the way first thing does.
  2. We forget to eat during work. Issue: many hours goes by before you eat. Try making enough space to eat decent, satisfying meals during the workday.
  3. Maybe work is unfulfilling. Try accepting the situation and focus on what you like. OR what can you do to change your situation?
  4. Under stress, our body craves more sugar/energy to get through the day. Try getting energy from other sources outside of sweets (a nap, a walk, meditation, etc).



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