craving food freedom ep 42 cancelled plans because of a binge?

Ep 42. Cancelled plans because of a binge?

How many plans have you cancelled over the years because of a binge?

Here’s the situation I always found myself in. It’s Friday night, the day I’ve been looking forward to all week, off to go out and see my friends for happy hour. I want to look snatched so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurs were so good, I ate the salads, tried to not eat anything after dinner. And then Friday rolls around and I think, I’ve made it! So I treat myself to a cookie after lunch, which then opens up the sugar channel and as I get home to prepare for the night, I open up the pantry and start to munch on the popcorn, then chocolate, and then the trance begins. 

By the time I need to leave the house, I’m feeling completely bloated and stuffed, the point of no return. The pants I had planned on wearing feel so tight, my belly is protruding. My insides feel full and slow and bloated. I try on all of the mumus I have in the closet to hide the binge but on second thought, everything looks awful so I cancel.

I can’t bear seeing all of my snatched friends looking cute and not being up to par. 

What would it be like to stop canceling plans

What would it feel like to be a normal eater where you’re ready to spontaneously say yes to plans regardless of the time/day.

Where does one even get started to break the binge cycle? 

Tip: Friday was likely the breaking point. After 3-4 days of essentially eating like a bird, your body has had enough and the floodgates open. Or if you’re someone who comes home after a night out with friends and finds themselves in the cupboards and can’t stop eating, it’s likely your body losing all inhibitions and actually needing that food. Experiment with giving yourself permission to have that treat after lunch on a Wednesday. Give yourself permission to have the burrito on a Tuesday. 

Just imagine what you’ve missed over the years by cancelling plans

Maybe you missed meeting a new good friend, maybe you missed meeting your next partner, maybe you missed a conversation that could’ve opened your eyes to something new.



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