Craving Food Freedom podcast Ep 64. You WANT To Accept Your Body But JUST CAN’T Right Now

Ep 64. You WANT to accept your body but JUST CAN’T right now

If you can’t accept your body even though you want to, I get it! I live in a small body and can’t imagine being in a bigger body and having to remind myself to accept, love, appreciate my body day in and day out.

It is SO HARD and I can only stand here and say I feel the frustration and pain.

In this episode I talk about:

  • body image ebbs and flows 
  • 51 times, you may forget or think positively about your body and 49 times, it causes pain. That’s progress!
  • surround yourself with people who see you as beautiful, successful, amazing
  • unfollow people that make you feel bad (me included, no offense taken)
  • create a world around you that serves you 
  • don’t let your body deter you from doing anything in life
  • people that give bodies too much attention, cut them out

You’ve already taken the hardest step which is just having the thought of wanting to accept your body, kudos!!

You don’t have to ACCEPT your body the moment your mind tells you to accept. It takes time and that’s ok.



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