Craving Food Freedom Ep 79 podcast A binge eating dietitian reviews The Whale

Ep 79. A binge eating Dietitian Reviews the Whale

“He’s literally trapped himself in his body. At one point he disregarded that he had a body. He no longer cared. He didn’t feel like he deserved any better”. 

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on this gut wrenching movie and what it means for all of us.  

  • how low self-esteem causes us to self sabotage
  • the negative spiral of disappointing yourself over and over again
  • what do you feel you deserve
  • why someone may be burying themselves alive with food/binge eating
  • how grief, remorse, regret, low self esteem, self hatred can cause us to binge
  • why someone may not be able to stop eating
  • how much do you value yourself and your own happiness/health
  • how many patients of mine are like Charlie
  • how guilt/shame causes binges
  • how judgement of others, feeling disgusting causes more self sabotage
  • can we really be healthy at ANY size 

In his last days, the main character Charlie wanted to do things differently, change his beliefs, and make things right.

It’s always possible to believe new things, build up our own self esteem by doing the things that matter, and in turn feel more deserving of good tthings. We have a whole life ahead of us. Imagine spending the majority of our days believing that we’re good people, that we can do good for the world, that we can say true to our words, that we deserve more. Had Charlie done that earlier, he probably would have felt better about himself and perhaps gotten the support that he needed. 



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