Craving food freedom podcast ep 78 If you don't TRUST yourself around food, how can you trust yourself to make big life decisions...

Ep 78. If you don’t trust yourself around food, how can you trust yourself to make big life decisions…

TRUST is a forever work in progress – with yourself, with others, with food, with anything in life. If you can trust yourself with something small, you likely have the ability to trust yourself with bigger things.

Today I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming Emily Feikls, host of the podcast I’m Trying. Emily just took a BIG leap of faith. She quit her job and is living on her own in Houston as a content creator, entrepreneur, and podcast host. She is trying like all of us and has cultivated such a tremendous amount of trust in herself. Hopefully this episode will help you cultivate more confidence and trust in yourself, whether it’s with food decisions or otherwise.

In this episode, we get to hear:

  • Emily’s struggles with food/body and mental health
  • doing the work of calming her nervous system
  • ways to stop intrusive thoughts
  • how to make huge life transitions and just GOING FOR IT
  • cultivating trust with herself around food AND big life decisions

It’s almost like you’re able to wedge a gap between the uncomfortable thought and your actions. The gap is wide enough where you can respond differently.




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