Podcast episode answering the question if I lose weight, then I’ll be confident, right?

Ep 23. If I lose weight, then I’ll be confident, right?

What happens when your size dictates your confidence ?

Under this way of operating, the smaller we get, the more confident we feel. On the flip side, when we gain weight, our confidence diminishes. When you feel confident because of your body, do you feel absolutely certain that it will stay the same? 

The definition of confidence

Confidence – a state of feeling certain about the truth of something. The feeling that one can rely on something with firm trust.

Our body size is constantly in flux. To place our trust in a always-fluctuating body is a recipe for emotional highs and lows. 

What is the reality of reaching your body goals?

We may become more self-aware at our smallest because we fear it won’t stay that way, esp if we had to put in a lot of energy and effort to lose weight in the first place. Are you sure that you can maintain a smaller body, or can you feel your body fighting it? If it feels forced, it is likely a fleeting state. 

What else can you feel confident about?

Instead of placing so much of your confidence in your body, what is something more stable and unwavering? Perhaps it’s your personality, how you carry yourself, your values, what you’re proud of. 

How does your body hold you back?

Observe how you’re carrying yourself when you’re self conscious over your body vs when you’re feeling yourself. Does your perception of your body hold you back vs propel you forward, Do you find yourself more withdrawn vs engaged. 

If you notice yourself dwelling over a certain part of your body, you may be holding yourself back from new conversation and relationships.

What would life be like with Beyonce energy?

If you were to let go of your body insecurities and tap into Beyonce energy, how would others perceive you? I have a feeling it would be night and day. Imagine how attractive you would seem. Others would likely be able to notice your engaging and radiant energy. 

The way we behave matters more than our bodies. Don’t let yourself hold yourself back. Have fun and enjoy yourself, build that confidence now!



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