Podcast episode on is sugar addiction real

Ep 25. Is sugar addiction real?

People who think they are addicted….

Usually take the approach of complete abstinence. It creates a victim mindset.

My own experience w/ sugar

Back in undergrad, I had to have something sweet multiple times a day, everyday. After years of doing that, I’ve made the connection between how sweets in excess make me feel physically. Although I still have a tendency to overdo it, my adult rational mind knows that eating too much makes me feel unwell.

What sugar does to your body

Blood sugar highs and crashes are the aftermath of eating sugar in excess. Back when I thought I was addicted to sugar, I was also neglecting protein and fat. I underate at mealtimes to make room for dessert.

When I started to eat balanced meals w/ more protein and fat, my blood sugar stabilized which then dulled my cravings!! The more I put my energy into eating until fullness at meals, the less I felt inclined to overeat sugar.

Liking sugar is normal

For a lot of human history, sugar was paired w/ special events and celebrations. It was made in small quantities and always shared. It has always been a special treat.

The only difference is that now it’s easily accessible and abundant.

Victim mindset

If you think you’re a sugar addict, the next time you have any sugar and overeat, you might just give up and continue this narrative that you have no willpower. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, a victim’s mindset.

Set yourself up for success

  1. Eat balanced meals. Don’t make room for dessert. By eating enough at meals, it ensures more balanced blood sugar, thereby less cravings.
  2. Notice how sweets make you feel physically.
  3. Is the next bite just as enjoyable as the previous?



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