Craving Food Freedom Podcast ep on What 1 month of intuitive eating can do for binge eating

Ep 30. What 1 month of intuitive eating work can do for binge eating

90%+ of my clients come to me for binge eating

My clients are the brightest, most intelligent group. But it still feels overwhelming to put it all together!

Binge eating through the lens of Intuitive Eating + Body Image work

I come with my third person lens and am able to pick up what needs to be addressed first. Think of me as the guide. I have the map, I may drop some hints, but ultimately I am helping you decide where you want to go and what is most important to you!

The power of going ALL IN

Those who are done with diet culture and want to start accepting their body have the most RAPID progress! The fear of weight gain/loss isn’t holding them back so the path is CLEAR.

By 2-3 months in, a large portion of my clients who go ALL IN notice their binge eating really take a back seat. They kind of forget what binges feel like, WHAT?!

Part 1 – Intuitive Eating

This is the time to connect with the body again and get in touch with physical sensations. Also the part where we work on making peace with food!

Part 2 – Body Image work

For many, fear of weight gain continues to run in the background and so the goal here is to work on building you up so you feel unscathed by diet culture. Sometimes body image work can start first especially if it really affects eating significantly!

We dive into cultivating more body appreciation/acceptance.

In summary

Sometimes it takes a few short months, sometimes it can take years depending on your history with food and body. It’s just like any relationship. Even if our formal work is done, gotta keep watering the thing every day.



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