Podcast episode on Should you break up with dieting

Ep 17. Should you break up with dieting?

What does dieting really bring to the table, let’s break it down together!

What’s in this episode?

  • Pros of diets – can sometimes cultivate more awareness/mindfulness
  • Cons of diets
    • Your body’s WANTS goes up against what you SHOULD be doing on a diet
    • 2/3 of dieters end up gaining more weight than what they started with
    • ~30% of dieters end up having a disordered relationship with food
  • Diets and dating
    • Just like adjusting to new partners, each phase of life brings with it different stressors and circumstances. And you adjust. Diets don’t adjust along with you.
    • Learning how to be an intuitive eater is like learning how to be a good communicator in a relationship.

Get support

Get support to fast track this process. Reach out to friends or professionals. If you’re feeling stuck and find yourself obsessing over food, think about reaching out for support. I help clients on these exact issues on a daily basis. 

When you do it alone, it prolongs the pain. Getting support fastracks the process! Instead of waking up a year later and still having this issue, imagine feeling more at peace 3 months from now.

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