Ep 31. Isn't Intuitive Eating Just Where I Eat EVERYTHING?

Ep 31. Isn’t Intuitive Eating just where I eat EVERYTHING?

There are nuances that get missed

In addition to allowing oneself unconditional permission to eat, below are some additional components of intuitive eating.

Here are the most common nuances that get missed:

  1. Developing interoceptive awareness: Interoceptive signals include your signal to go pee or the murmurs of your heartbeat. Hunger and fullness are also interoceptive signals. Are you listening to these signals closely? If you were to have pizza everyday for weeks on end, what signals would your body give you? You would likely be over it after a while. Think of these signals as gentle guardrails that tells you that an entire pizza or bucket of cookies does not feel good after a long time.
  2. Developing more trust around food and getting rid of diet culture. It’s really important to cut the cords from diet culture, clean eating, and food rules. Once you are able to distance yourself from the noise, it allows you space to listen to your own internal signals. That is your true north!
  3. Cultivating more body acceptance. We think that our bodies are 99% controllable however based on long term weight loss studies and the set point theory, weight is not as much in your control as you think. It has SO MUCH to do with genetics and your body’s preferred homeostasis point.
  4. Coping with emotions without food. There’s so much work to be done to detangle emotions (anxiety, stress, sadness) from food. How can you meet your needs without food? 

Overall, are you taking care of yourself, moving the way you like, and nourishing your body with energizing foods?

If you are taking care of yourself, but don’t like the way your body looks, then that’s a body image conversation. 

If you’re telling me that you’re feeling lethargic, heavy, etc then let’s start w/ behaviors and building healthy habits.



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