Craving food freedom podcast ep 67 Adulting as children of immigrants

Ep 67. Adulting as children of Immigrants

Today I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming Crystal and Jeesoo from Eat your Crust podcast! I first stumbled upon their podcast when I was feeling the need to hear about others’ experience being Asian American and first gen. Hearing them talk about family dynamics, straddling multiple cultures, money stuff, and more in their podcast has been hugely validating and reassuring. 

In this episode you’ll be able to hear about our experiences growing up in different parts of the Bay, what it’s like being in the Silicon Valley, and how we’re all trying to figure things out. 

In my adulthood, I’ve been trying to understand what makes me feel proud of myself. 


 In today’s episode, we talk:

  • family dynamics
  • food quirks as children of immigrants
  • straddling multiple cultures
  • what makes us confident/proud

You can find more of Crystal and Jeesoo on IG @eatyourcrustpod



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