Craving Food Freedom podcast ep 82 Joanne Kim and Melinda Olsen

Ep 82. Anything that is Unconscious Runs you w/ Therapists Joanne @olivemecounseling and Melinda @inviterracounseling

Anything that is unconscious runs you. If you’re not aware of your own motivations/fears, they’re just running you from the background.

Melinda Olsen

Today I have the absolute pleasure of chatting with Joanne Kim from Olive Me Counseling and Melinda Olsen from Inviterra Counseling. Joanne and Melinda are friends, colleagues, business partners and most importantly incredible therapists in the Silicon Valley who help their patients discover patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that create painful and rigid “knots” in their life and relationships. If you’ve ever felt “I’m not good enough, what’s wrong with me”, then massaging out these stubborn, trauma based “knots” through brainspotting and enneagram work might be the right next step for you.

you can’t reason yourself out of feeling

Melinda Olsen

In this ep, we talk:

  • enneagrams and how it can help you understand your own motivations/fears
  • how being on auto-pilot may be keeping you stuck in your life
  • how to stop automatic behaviors that don’t serve you
  • brainspotting – a way to bypass the intellectual/logical mind and get straight to the emotional/lizard mind to help with trauma processing

The biggest trauma that we experience isn’t the event of the trauma, it’s the feeling of doing it alone, that no one gets us, that no one understands us. 

Joanne Kim

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