Craving Food Freedom Podcast The Way I Look Is NEVER GOOD ENOUGH, Help! With @Lisaxgilmore

Ep 58. the way I look is NEVER GOOD ENOUGH, help! with @lisaxgilmore

In this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa Gilmore @lisaxgilmore, the fun, unfiltered bestie you’ve always wanted in your life!

“I LOVE who I am but when it comes to what I look like, it’s NEVER ENOUGH. I also know that the way I look is the least interesting about me, but for some reason, my mind doesn’t want to let that go.”

Lisa Gilmore

We talked:

  • Being an influencer/content creator
  • Feeling “not good enough”
  • Confident about personality but not about body
  • How to make friends and surround yourself with the right people

Follow Lisa Gilmore on IG @lisaxgilmore. And if you want more of Lisa, you can find her podcast UNWINEDING on Apple Podcasts and IG @unwinedingpod.



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