Craving Food Freedom podcast episode ep 38 You're eating again?

Ep 38. You’re eating, again?

Does this question rub you the wrong way?

When everyone knows you are struggling with food, that question can feel super abrasive. But once you develop a healthier relationship with food, that comment will no longer be as bothersome.

Today, we’re dissecting judgement from family/friends when you’re eating and how to shake it off.

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Feeling ashamed when eating in front of others
  • What you’re trying to do goes unnoticed but when you get seconds, that always seems to get called out
  • Tell your friends/family what you want to be acknowledged for, otherwise no comments please
  • They just don’t know what you’re trying to do 
  • Stand your ground and set your boundaries

Until YOU feel really good and calm with food, the judgment will get to you. The moment you feel really strong/confident about food, the judgment will no longer matter



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