Craving Food Freedom Blog post on Triggered when everything in the kitchen is fully stocked

Triggered when everything in the kitchen is fully stocked

After a weekend of grocery shopping, especially in the setting of these times, it occurred to me that this could be a particularly triggering moment for those who have had or may still have a turbulent relationship with food. The abundance of food in the environment outside of our home is one thing. An abundance of food in our pantries and fridge in the living space we are supposed to shelter-in-place in for an ensuing and interminable period of time can be uncomfortably close for comfort. I wanted to take a moment to affirm how distressing this can be and that it is not in the slightest trivial.

For those who are still working on finding peace with food, this can be a moment to play around with feeling more at ease. Assuming that highly triggering foods (i.e ice cream, candy, insert food of choice) are still mostly out of the house, there may still be the presence of middle-of-the-road items, perhaps peanut butter, bread, crackers, etc that are somewhat easier to navigate. Thinking along the lines of intuitive eating, this may be an opportunity to practice daily exposure to these foods, for example allowing oneself a slice of pb on bread every morning for breakfast or scheduling those crackers for a snack every afternoon until they slowly lose their appeal. Similar to micro-dosing, perhaps this could be a way to start taking off some of the edge.

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