Craving Food Freedom Blog Post on My Role As A Dietitian & Health Coach

My role as a dietitian & health coach

The old adage of easier said than done is the crux of my role as a dietitian and health coach. While part of my job is to guide individuals towards a balanced and flexible way of eating that is personalized based on specific conditions (i.e. PCOS, hormone imbalances, disordered eating, binge eating, etc), most of it is really bridging the gap between understanding and action.

For example, I can tell a woman with hormone imbalances how to optimize for certain foods & nutrients however the real magic is when I support her throughout the journey, nudging her towards her why, stoking the fires of motivation when other things get in the way, identify her barriers and move past her blocks with deep internal work.

For someone struggling with obsessive food thoughts or binge eating, the approach is to uncover why food is the at the center of control. Perhaps it’s a fixation or wanting to lose weight that causes the immense need to control, which allows us to dive into body image work. Perhaps other things in life are unfulfilling and feel out of control.

Beyond individual decision, there are social, environmental, economic, and cultural factors at play. Even more visceral are the emotional layers involved – poor body image, stress and coping mechanisms. In my practice, I support those who are ready to dive into connecting the dots between what health means to them and how to incrementally reach that vision. None of the strategies are magic bullets but w/ diligence and commitment on a daily basis, they stack and build over time, bringing that initial vision of health and wellbeing into fruition.


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