Craving Food Freedom blog post on Restriction Leads To Bingeing

Restriction leads to Bingeing

This one really hits and something I see so much in my office. Anyone who has dipped their toes into diets, limited certain food groups, stuck to specific timing of meals, or significantly reduced portion sizes may resonate with this. When the difference between the normal routine and the new way of doing things is so great, sometimes that can lead to tighter and tighter reigns, more and more restriction. That tendency to be even more strict and to abide by the rules can lead to black-and-white thinking which can be hard to shake even when the goal weight is met.

Sometimes flexibility is brought back into the picture. And sometimes the body rebels in response. It finally has time to let out its frustration, exhaustion, and hunger. From that point on, it yearns for fuel and latches on whenever possible. If in the past, there were extended periods of fasting, the body becomes more scared and worried, wanting food close by. If previously, portions were severely limited, the body will signal through hunger hormones like grehlin for more.

Not everyone experiences this sort of cycle of course especially for those who take a slow gradual approach, not necessarily the head-first dive into ice cold restriction. So the big takeaway here is to really align intuitive hunger as closely as possible to any new changes in diet/lifestyle. It is possible to honor intuitive needs/hunger and still lose weight by choosing the right nutrient-dense foods. The balance can be struck, it just takes patience.

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