Craving Food Freedom blog post on my relationship with food and body today

My relationship with food & Body today as a dietitian

My body, my food choices, my relationship with food, all quite ordinary. I don’t feel the need to be extraordinarily disciplined, to have well-defined abs, or avoid gluten/dairy religiously (anymore). Some days I’m more bloated than others, other days I feel more energy to move my body. Most days are quite ordinary and that is actually quite pleasant. Gone are the days of agonizing over each ingredient, deciding if a meal is perfectly balanced, avoiding gluten like the plague…

My body today

soft in some parts, strong in others. Each day I celebrate the moments after exercise where I feel sweaty and excited to tackle the day.

My food choices today

mostly nourishing, sometimes more playful. At the end of the day, I would rather go to bed knowing that I enjoyed a crusty bit of sourdough bread followed by chocolate than dreaming about the next time I would be able to.

My relationship with food today

even keeled and ordinary. I definitely do not miss the emotional highs + lows before + after each meal even if that means more curves and soft bits.

I am honestly so happy to be ordinary and calm about all of these things. There is no such thing as perfect eating or a perfect body. The balance is really about taking care of one’s body, accepting the good, and celebrating the simple bits – this sort of mentality is also where most of my clients are able to progress and grow.

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