30 Day Roadmap to Binge AND Body Freedom


A step-by-step guide to end binge eating by doing the DEEP work of processing your food & body story.

This 30 day roadmap is meant to be a SHORTCUT to help you cut through the overwhelm. It includes 3 months worth of tools and strategies I use in my private coaching distilled into 30 days to get you closer to BINGE & BODY FREEDOM. Everything is put into a strategic order so you know exactly what to do each day!



4 part journey

  • DEEP REFLECTION – Here you will reflect on your PAST body & food story so that you can come out having a sense of how you can REWRITE your FUTURE body & food story. 
  • BODY IMAGE – Are you scared of weight gain? Here you will be given strategies to work through this fear so that you can start feeling better about your body. 
  • TRUSTING FOOD – If you have a hard time trusting yourself with food and knowing when/how much to eat, here you will be given the tools to become an intuitive eater. 
  • END THE BINGES – Do you feel like you can’t stop eating? Rather than feeling guilty or helpless, you will be shown ways to prevent binges by learning your triggers and coping with emotions without food. 

Inside you’ll find:

  • 30+ pages
  • 30+ reflections, exercises, & tactical strategies
  • 2 audio guides to help you develop body appreciation and understand how to honor your hunger/fullness