Private Coaching

Think of this as food & body therapy. With my signature 3-part framework, you will be able to stop bingeing and find food freedom for yourself!

What you do, really does make an impact. Having these kinds of conversations, saying out loud to someone else, is where some of the most critical healing comes from.

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Together we will process through your lived experience so you feel supported every step of the way.

intuitive eating

Here, we will focus on the gentle signs of hunger & fullness and how to cope with emotions without food.

Body Image

We will focus on your beliefs about your body and how to navigate body goals with body acceptance.

why me?

I’ve coached hundreds of clients over the years. I know exactly how to get you to food freedom!

Hours and Rates

Initial session, 60 minutes — $220

Follow up, 45 minutes — $180

When you book an appointment, you will be asked to list a credit card on file. All payments are due on the day of your session and your card will be automatically charged after each session. Sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the session time are subject to the full session fee.


At the present time, I am in-network with SCCIPA, Aetna and United Healthcare for California only. 

California state law requires a referral from your physician with diagnosis in order to provide services. PLEASE GIVE TO YOUR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER AND HAVE THEM FAX IT BACK TO ME BEFORE OUR INITIAL SESSION.

I have also created an insurance benefits checklist to help you identify if your insurance plan will cover nutrition counseling with me. To verify your nutrition coverage please call the 800 number on the back of your card. PLEASE COMPLETE AND EMAIL BACK TO ME AT [email protected] BEFORE OUR FIRST SESSION.

You will be asked to pay any applicable co-pays and/or deductibles at the time of your visit. You will also sign a liability waiver stating that you will be responsible for the charges if your insurance does not cover the visit. 

What’s your food and body story?

Are you scared of gaining weight but at the same time can’t continue with the back and forth between dieting & bingeing? You’re in the right place!

I know how scary it is to venture into the world of food freedom & intuitive eating. But in your subconscious, you know that another diet is NOT the answer.

I’m here to support and guide you in developing more body acceptance while healing your relationship with food. It’s either your mental health or chasing body goals forever. It’s time to stop bingeing, become a normal eater again, and feel better about your body!

Nothing stuck in the past. This is the first time it feels sustainable. I’m no longer charged around food + carbs. I went out to buy summer dresses and now feel comfortable in my bathing suit!

Former Client

Do you feel like…

  • You can’t trust yourself around food
  • You can’t tell if you’re hungry or full and end up bingeing on a weekly basis
  • You’re scared of gaining weight but also want to stop obsessing over food
  • You’re ready to dip your toes into intuitive eating but have no idea where to begin

Imagine a life where you…

  • Can enjoy foods in moderation without guilt
  • Trust your body around all foods and know what foods nourish you
  • Develop more body acceptance
  • Stop bingeing once and for all

Craving Food Freedom is the right fit for you if…


You know that dieting is not the answer

You have realized that none of the diets you’ve tried have worked in the long run. You want to break free and just need a guide to lead you through a proven path forward.


you are ready to try intuitive eating

You need someone to help you navigate this new world and laser-focus on what you need each step of the way. Think of me as your tour guide, creating a path for your next step forward.


you want to be able to accept your current body

Chances are, this is the scariest part. The thought of your body changing is stopping you in your tracks. Since body image is arguably the most important piece to healing, I will help you cultivate more body acceptance every step of the way.

kind words

A former client says…

“Love Elise! She was absolutely wonderful and a delight to work with! I’m eating more intuitively and feeling less stressed about food. I have more energy to focus on hobbies and work. “

For 15 years the goal has been fitting into a specific size. Finally, I’m starting to feel at peace with my body. It feels like a burden is lifted. I am more than just a body.

Former Client

frequently asked questions

There is plenty of information online regarding intuitive eating and body positivity. However, content like that doesn’t know you or your story. Being heard, understood, and supported are the biggest parts of the self-discovery and healing process. Just like therapy, we need to talk it out and be heard. When you go at it alone, it can take years to piece together everything (I went at it alone for 5 years and found myself in the worst spiral until I finally got help). When you have a space to share your story with others and process it deeply, you will greatly fast track the journey.

This may not be the right fit for you if:

  • You want a diet plan
  • Your desire for weight loss is more important than healing your relationship with food

As babies, most of us cried when we were hungry, ate, and stopped when we were full. That isintuitive eating.However some of us lose touch with that over time due to the pressures of life and stress. All of us have it in us to eat that way again & heal our relationship with food through listening to our hunger and fullness cues, learning how to cope with emotions without food, and finding the balance between health & happiness WITHOUT obsession.

Here’s the thing, has dieting helped you lose weight successfully AND retain a healthy relationship with food? You’re likely here because it hasn’t. Everyone has a healthy weight range however dieting can push it too far and make it an extremely miserable experience. You’ve likely also gone to the other end of the extreme and overate/binged due to years of dieting.

On the flip side, imagine if your body settled at a stable weight and it was EASY to maintain. That’s what intuitive eating can do. Sometimes there may be weight gain when you first start to embrace this process. Sometimes there may be weight loss. However when you continue to focus on weight, you will likely continue to be on an unpleasant roller coaster ride.

On the flip side, imagine if your body settled at a stable weight and it was EASY to maintain. That’s what intuitive eating can do. Sometimes there may be weight gain when you first start to embrace this process. Sometimes there may be weight loss. However when you continue to focus on weight, you will likely continue to be on an unpleasant roller coaster ride.

In general, a lot of my clients restore a healthy relationship with food after 3-9 months of working together but everyone is different. Ultimately you get to decide when you’re ready to graduate. Until then, you will be charged on a monthly basis (just give me a 30 day heads up before you would like to graduate).

This is not a quick fix, there is no magic bullet. This is the REAL DEAL tough work that will take you from feeling trapped to feeling free with food & body. I invite you to join me on this journey to let go of the control on food and discover how to take care of your body in a gentle and compassionate way.