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Craving Food Freedom Collective

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If you are craving belonging and acceptance, this is a cozy space to reflect on your food & body story with other women who GET IT.

Each week, a close-knit group of women on a similar journey (capped at 10 people) will come together, chat, become friends, and find food freedom together.

what’s included

you already know the basics of intuitive eating but still feel stuck…

the missing piece: COMMUNITY

Even if you make peace with food, you still need to let go of your body goals So that you don’t relapse into dieting and further restriction.

This is where community is most important. Voice your struggles and listen to others who are actively trying to cultivate body acceptance and be a more normal & intentional eater. Only upward spiraling here!

You’ve Read the intuitive eating book and listened to podcasts but still can’t get it? 

The fact is most people have a hard time finding food freedom because they feel alone in the process. Without support, it can feel like an uphill battle dealing with everyone in diet culture including yourself.

What you’re getting

Live weekly group calls with me, where you can share wins and challenges with others who are in your shoes and get clarity on how to move past your struggles and blocks

A DIY Guide, complete roadmap to binge & body freedom, includes 30+ step-by-step exercises to take your work deeper + turn information into action

our topics of conversation

  • DEEP REFLECTION so that you can begin to see where your relationship with food & body took a turn.
  • BODY IMAGE because the reason why you became obsessed with food in the first place likely came from wanting to change your body. The more you can cultivate body respect & appreciation, the EASIER it gets with food, I promise!
  • INTUITIVE EATING so that you can work on the specific strategies to feel less guilt, work through trigger foods like sweets/bread, and make peace with food.
  • BINGE EATING so that you can practice the exact tools to stop bingeing at night, go to bed feeling normal, and turn off that primal hunger.
  • SELF-WORTH so that you can begin to see your worth/purpose outside of your body.